Céramiste des couleurs Sculpteur

Imprints of Eternity

Over the millenniums, Earth has been shaped by waters, winds and volcanoes’ fire. What emanates from its natural sites,
we unconsciously receive.

This latent and powerful energy, I attempt to restore it, in its diversity, in particular through the traces, hills and furrows that I print on my volumes, symbols of imaginary landscapes that create games of shadow and light.
They oppose and reveal each other, affirming the vibrations that are signs of life and its dynamics.Finally, through them, I try to express a space of quiet coherence, where finite and infinite, intimate and immensity can meet. With the rich and silky glazes that contrast with the raw and matt material of the mineral support, I also seek to share this strength that I want to make people feel, that is part of us and deserves all our respect, in an imagination of the landscape as a fundamental point of meditation
These glazes, the result of personal research, have been the subject of a series of articles in the Revue de la Céramique et du Verre (see "Press" section).

photo pour présentation